ACA Tracking

Our ACA compliance solution efficiently and seamlessly automates the entire ACA compliance process. Use our ACA compliance services to help you automate and manage the process of notifying and tracking employee’s responses, employee eligibility, and enrollment requests.

  • Automated company ACA expense optimizer, simulator, and analysis.
  • Automated notification documentation and time/date event history tracking for
    • ACA company policy notification
    • Employee eligibility notification
    • Employee offer and response (accept/decline tracking)
    • Period tracking and rules engine (Waiting, Measurement, Administrative, and Stability periods).

ACA Tracking Payroll Reports

Approaching Full Time Equivalent Report:

It is designed to show the employee weekly time transactions. User can enter the threshold hours to show on the report. This report looks at the employee transactions and display hours worked over the amount entered.

Average Hours Full Time Equivalent Report:

This is designed to show the employee weekly time transactions. The user can enter a range of hours to show on the report. This report looks at the employee transactions and displays hours between the amounts entered.

Average Hours Range Report:

It is designed to show the employee payroll wages (any date range can be selected). The user can enter a range of hours to show on report. This report also looks at the employee transactions and displays hours between the amounts entered.

Affordable Care Act Employer Size Determination Reports:

Enhanced reports have been added to the system that calculate a company’s Full Time and Full Time Equivalent employees in an effort to distinguish the company as a “large” or “small” employer for the purposes of the Affordable Care Act (based on Section 4980H). These reports will look at employees’ hours worked during the month. For each month the report is run any employee that worked over 130 hours will show as a Full Time employee (with a factor of 1). Any employee that worked less than 130 hours for the month will have their Full Time Equivalency determined by taking the hours worked and dividing them by 120 hours. (If an employee worked between 120 and 130 hours, their Full Time Equivalency will be 1). The number of hours worked by an Hourly or Piecework employee will be determined by looking at the total hours in the Payroll Wages. The number of hours worked by a Salary non-FLSA Exempt employee or a Salary employee that is tracking clock hours will also be determined by looking at the total hours in the Payroll Wages for the month. A Salary FLSA Exempt employee will have their hours worked for the month determined by looking at their standard weekly hours (from the Employee record) and multiplying those by the number of weeks in their standard work week. This amount will then be multiplied by the number of pay dates in that month.

ACA Tracking with Automated Timekeeping

Landmark Payroll time management solutions help you track real-time employee time and labor through the latest management technology. We offer you the newest technology in advanced employee time keeping.

The most simple and immediate solution is to implement automated timekeeping, which we offer through our  payroll services. If you are not yet using automated timekeeping, there’s never been a more pressing and appropriate time to start.

To assist employers with ACA administration and determine potential exposure, we offer a specific feature to address ACA with our automated timekeeping. We have reporting features to quickly calculate full time employees, full time equivalents (FTE’s), and non-full-time employees. Employers can view how each employee contributes to the FTE count. There is also a feature to indicate to employers precisely when part-time employees will cross over a defined period of hours for the week, such as 28 or 30 hours.

Benefits of our ACA timekeeping include:

  • Avoid unnecessary IRS audits, penalties and tedious administration by using an automated timekeeping system that can conveniently track employee hours and indicate your ‘shared responsibility’ status. *
  • Quickly determine your current and ongoing large employer classification status. Are you over or under the threshold of 50 full time and full time equivalent employees? This feature will determine your IRS and ACA ‘shared responsibility’ exposure. *
  • Manage employee hours in advance to avoid exposure. Get alerts to determine when part-time employees will cross over 28 hours, 30 hours or another defined count of hours per week.
  • ‘Pay or Play’ Avoid ‘shared responsibility’ tax penalties, recognize your large employer status or perhaps even qualify for tax incentives as a small employer by effectively validating your ‘full time equivalent’ counts. *
  • Validate your status as a small employer (25 FTE’s or less) to qualify for health insurance tax credits. Also, employers generally under 100 FTE’s will be eligible to shop for better group insurance benefits through public health exchanges. *
  • Management measurement periods. Easily demonstrate hours worked per week by employee over your ‘look-back’ and other measurement periods.

*Note-Other eligibility requirements apply. Check or for more information.