Human Capital Management Solutions

Applicant Tracking

With our applicant tracking solution you can collect, manage, and evaluate all job applicants on one easy to use platform.  You can easily sort, rank and organize all of the applicants you receive by position, location, and availability which decreases both time-per-hire and cost-per-hire.

Streamline Hiring

      • Easy-to-use backend
      • Mobile-friendly career page
      • Integrated with onboarding
      • Candidate sorting and filtering
      • Distribute jobs to job boards
      • Customizable hiring workflow














Employee Onboarding

Our multilingual onboarding solution with electronic signature turns all your new hire paperwork into a simple online interview, eliminating redundant questions, and streamlining the entire process for both the candidate and hiring manager.









New Hire Documents

    • Paperwork included
    • Personal info
    • Emergency contacts
    • Direct deposit
    • Security/network access
    • W4 / I-9 / E-verify / WOTC
    • Employee handbook