Our Story

Landmark Payroll grew from the needs of its parent company, Source One Payment Solutions, Inc.

When founders Glenn Zapolsky and Chris Wilkin of Source One Payment Solutions started the company in 2002, they did so with a focus on customer service and in finding better solutions for businesses.  They partnered with Chase Paymentech and First Data becoming a registered ISO for merchant services.  They knew what merchants were looking for and were able to identify what was missing from their current providers.  Within a short period of time, Source One’s list of recurring customers grew nationally.

As Source One continued to expand and grow they discovered new challenges.  They started with a staff of three and a goal to make merchant services something business owners did not have to worry about.  However, as new employees were added, the executives of Source One found themselves doing some worrying themselves.  They soon realized that one of the most important aspects to running a successful business is having a competent payroll company in place.

Like many businesses, Source One tried to process their payroll in-house.  It wasn’t long before they learned that doing payroll internally was an impossible task.  It was taking up too much time and began to compromise the services that a growing company required.  They decided to hire a payroll company in order to make things run smoothly.


The Search Begins

Like many companies, Source One called the big guys first. In fact, over the years, Source One ended up being clients of both ADP and Paychex among others.  They found that the companies were consistent and good at what they did, but were not quite exactly what Source One was hoping for in a payroll service.  They found many services were overpriced and were not very personal in addressing issues.  It was important to them to find a company that was not overrun with red-tape and had the ability to react quickly to the needs of its clients.  Source One executives came up with a wish list for the ideal payroll company and proceeded to search for a company that fulfilled their needs. There was only one problem…they never found what they were looking for.

One day over lunch it dawned on them that if they felt this way then other business owners must have similar concerns. It suddenly became obvious that Source One should create its own payroll company to fill this gap in the marketplace. This payroll service would combine aggressive pricing with true value; a combination of services that Source One never found in their search.

That was that day that Landmark Payroll was born.

glen chris
Glenn Zapolsky Chris Wilkin