Payroll Debit Cards Program

Now you can provide your employees a FREE and convenient way to access 100% of their wages each pay period

How Do Payroll Debit Card Processors Work?

Rather than printing and distributing paychecks every payday, employees can receive their wages on their own personal payroll debit card. This debit card is similar to a bank-issued debit card, as it allows employees to pull funds 24/7 at ATMs, along with paying for products and/or services at any establishments that accept debit and credit cards. The Landmark Payroll Debit Cards program helps employers reduce payroll expenses while also providing a convenient, fast, and secure way for employees to receive their paychecks.

The Payroll Debit Cards program at Landmark Payroll offers an easy and hassle free paycheck solution to both employers and employees. No enrollment, no activation, no loading, and no monthly or annual card fees!


Employer Benefits of the Payroll Pay Card

  • Can convert 100% of employees to direct deposit
  • Cost savings over paper check production and distribution
  • Benefits of payroll card translate to higher productivity
  • Improved morale and retention of satisfied employees

Employee Benefits of the Payroll Pay Card
Less Expensive, Convenient and Secure

  • Less expensive, convenient and secure
  • No need to pick up checks, payroll is automatically loaded onto your card first thing in the morning every payday.
  • No check cashing fees and no standing in line to cash your check
  • No need to carry a large amount of cash, if you lose your card it can be replaced so you don’t lose your money
  • Card balance is FDIC insured
  • More benefits and less expensive that low balance checking accounts
  • Access to the eZsuite® of Financial Services 24/7 365 days a year

Reduce your overhead expenses with the Landmark Payroll Debit Cards Program!