A Web Based Time Clock for Your Business Will Save You Time and Money


Landmark Payroll’s Attendance Tracking software dramatically improves the productivity, accuracy, and reliability of your payroll process. Our web based time clock software frees up management time and financial resources for better use in your business. Our time clock solutions are available in a variety of configurations and can be tailored to match the requirements of your business.

Make Payroll Easy with Web Based Time Clock Software

Landmark Payroll’s web based time clock eliminates the work of gathering time cards, computing total hours, and re-keying into our payroll system.

Clocking in with a Web Based Time Clock is Easier

Employees may clock in and out through an electronic time clock or they can simply log in to our web based time clock software with their username.


Benefit of Automatic Time and Attendance

  • Increased Accuracy: Eliminates costly human error in time sheet preparation
  • Time Savings: Reduce time spent preparing reports
  • Increase Profitability: Time theft is very common and results in lost profits, unnecessary overtime, taxes and benefits
  • Reduced Risk of Labor Disputes: Both Employer and Employee know they are paid accurately and without any errors
  • Reporting Tools: Time worked reports, approaching overtime reports, missed punch reports, departmental and individual summary reports

Our Web Enabled Time Clock will:

    • Help you track time clock data
      accurately and effectively
    • Help you control and manage overtime
    • Help manage time-off requests
    • Eliminate the issue of “buddy punching”

Stop throwing Money down the drain!

Employee Works
9:05 – 4:57
He Enters
9:00 – 5:00
Time Difference
8 Minutes
With 25 employees on your payroll at $10/hour approximating their hours each day this is how it would break down.
$167 Weekly
$333 Biweekly
$722 Monthly
Annual Savings